Saint Mask Chronicle Gemini & POPE

order deadline 25 DEC 2012
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Retail Price US$49.49
Deposit US$14
Release MAR 2013


The popular "Saint Seiya" series is launching in Mask Collection!


"POPE ARES" and "Gemini The Gold Saint "2 in 1 set! Brand New Designs!

Saint Seiya, which gained a great popularity in Comic and Animation, is launching in Mask Collection!



Retail buyer Deposit $14, Balance USD$35.49 + 12 shipping fee to be paid when it is released


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BANDAI're making the "POPE ARES" and "Gemini The Gold Saint" 2 in 1 set!
Both are BRAND NEW GILT design!

The evil Saint who want to conquer the world--"POPE ARES"
Featured with the wing-streached drangon above the mask!
And glittering in red!

<Gemini The Gold Saint>
With his face coverd and first appeared in Gemini in The arc of the Zodiac Temples--"Gemini The Gold Saint"
The opposite faces of virtuous and evil are also on the gold cloth!
The gold glit is another charming point!
Product Size (including base):
 <POPE ARES> .............… around 117mm
 <Gemini The Gold Saint>… around 88mm
 Base Diametre .........................around 53mm

- Mask(head) x2
- Base x2

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